High voltage FPQ type composite suspension insulator / polymer suspension isolator

Composite pin insulators are suitable for high voltage line facilities, and composite pillar insulators are suitable for power station facilities. They have good permeability, aging resistance, […]

Dead End Clamp/ Helical Guy Grips for ADSS/Opgw Cable

Description: (1) Guy-grip dead-ends are intended for use on single wood poles associated with distribution construction. (2) Galvanized strand (3) NL-7/1.25, length: 420mm, color code: Green […]

Installation importance of Electric Cables

1.The electric cables of the equipment must have flame retardant properties and should be installed in such a manner that it should not interfere with the original flame […]

cable storage assembly for transmission line hardware

cable storage assembly 1.usage and characteristics: The  rest  cable stand is used in collecting  reserved optical cable on the connecting tower(pole),on strain  tower (pole)generally. 2.specification (specification […]

Silicone Rubber Insulator role in Overall Power System

Silicone rubber is a synthetic, or man-made, compound known for its weatherability and ability to maintain useful properties over a wide range of temperatures. Silicone rubberis […]

transmission Line Hardware Types galvanized yoke plate shackle

Types galvanzied  yoke plate  shackle   for  Transmission Line Hardware Used to link clamps to insulator and ground wire clamps to tower arms or subjection structures […]

11 KV Double Break Isolator

The isolator shall be suitable for continuous operation outdoors in tropical areas at altitudes of up to 2200m above sea level, humidities of up to 90%, […]

Shackles Types and Classification

Shackle Type: Designated the shape of the shackle: IVA (Anchor Shackle), IV B D or (Chain Shackles. This two shackle types are used for lifting and […]

Types Of Fiber Optic Cable Construction

Two Basic Types Of Fiber Optic Cable Construction Two major advantages from this design are perfect fiber isolation from mechanical forces (within given range) and protection […]