Type test of Overhead transmission lines Suspension and support clamps

Type test General Unless otherwise agreed upon the type test shall be in accordance with Clauses 6.2-6.10 on three test samples. The test shall be performed […]

Mechanical requirements of Suspension clamps for earth wire

Suspension Clamps are available for the majority of overhead line conductors in common use. This range includes clamps of forged aluminium and clamps of malleable cast […]

Transmission Line Fitting Suspension Clamp and Tension Clamp for ADSS Cable

Suspension clamps shall have the axis of oscillation in the plane of the axis of the con- ductor. They shall be used for both phase conductors […]

Tension clamp characteristics

1) The clamp has high strength and reliable grip. The grip strength of the clip is not less than 95% CUTS (the twisted wire calculates the breaking […]

Composite Insulators,Polymer Composite Insulators

Composite Insulators Composite insulators were introduced in the late sixties. The basic idea consists of the combination of different materials, which perform different duties in the […]

Electric Power Fitting Bolt Type Strain Tension Clamp

Electric Power Fitting Bolt Type Strain Tension Clamp Used to fix conductor and ground wire through insulators or link fitting to tower arms or substation structures […]

ADSS OPGW Cable Storage Assembly for Tower/Pole-Electrical overhead line accessories

Instruction of ADSS OPGW Cable Storage Assembly for Tower/Pole: 1、When the cable storage assembly is used on the tower, attached two sets of small splint. 2、When […]

Electric Power Fitting-immobility clamps embrace hoop for tower and pole

The so-called hoop is composed of a hoop plate, a wing plate, a ribbed plate, a bolt and an inner liner. There are many kinds of […]

Cap and pin type 11kv pin composite insulator

Silicone rubber coating application High performance coatings are used preserve and protect a multitude of different materials including masonry,ceramic,metals,plastics and wood. Advantage of composite insulator Polymeric […]