Donzon Power Co., Ltd

electric power line equipment, communication lines equipment, railway line fittings

Donzon Power Co., Ltd. (formerly Renqiu DonZon Power Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was established in September 18, 2002

we mainly research, develope and manufacture electric power line equipment, communication lines equipment, railway line fittings, electrical hardware, communication lines iron, electric iron fittings, ADSS, OPGW cable acessories, preformed guy grips, preformed interval rods, optical fiber closure, optical fiber distribution frame, fiber optic cable transfer box, optical fiber cable, carbon fiber composite conductor, overhead insulated wire, ACSR,

hot dip galvanized steel strand, power tower, steel tube rod, steel prop, cable tray, plastic products, silicone rubber and porcelain insulator, lightning arrester, isolating switch, fuse, transformer, safety instruments, high and low voltage electrical appliances, high and low voltage switchgear


CEO Manager

Donzon located in SiXian industrial area RenQiu City Hebei province, just 110 kilometers from tianjin portour factory. It covers an area of 36000 square meters, to provide users with thousands of electric power communication and railway products.

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Donzon Company Culture

strictly implement ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001, With first-class technology ability, perfect pre-sales, after-sales service guarantee system