Protective Fittings


Transmission Conductor Vibration Dampers

Vibration Damper is designed to eliminate conductor fatigue damage and line maintenance costs by effectively diminishing aeolian vibration. Features: Clamp and weights are pressed onto messenger wire […]

Vibration Damper 4D and FYH

Material: Damper weight—Hot dip galvanized cast iron Messenger Wire—19 strand galvanized steel wires Clamp—Aluminium Alloy Helical Rods—Aluminium Alloy. 4d-20 vibration damper   for ADSS cable Data Sheet: […]

Armour Rod

ARMOR RODS are designed to protect cable against bending, compression, abrasion, and flash-over. They are also used to repair damaged aluminum-based conductors and restore the conductors’ […]