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Turn Buckles


Product Description:

Baskets of screws, also called TURNBUCKLE cord grip screw, Sling, tight, used for bundled fastening rope.Steel wire rope baskets used to tighten the screws and adjust the tightness. OO-not frequent demolition of applications, CC for regular removal of applications, CO-often demolish at one end the other end does not often place demolished.



Basket screws depending on how the process is divided into different cast malleable iron, plain-carbon steel, forged three, is now on the market are mainly plain-carbon steel and forged two ordinary carbide ganghua flange screws used for important events still come bundled with stable scene, such as landscaped Windbreak, agriculture greenhouses. Forged TURNBUCKLE screw for lifting cargo bundle reinforcement. Bungee, slings a connection such as logistics, steel cable connector, and so on.

Surface treatment:

Commonly for electroplation,hot-dip galvanized ensure to provent rusting.


1.Adjust the tension of wire rope.

2.Locking bolt into one of anti-theft locking device compositions. its security effect is good, safe and reliable. 

3.Using their ring guides along the lever on the sliding, moving a distance can be adjusted, the operation, therefore easy to use.


Its structure is simple,easy processing, low cost, practical. Especially suitable for power lines, especially in the high-voltage Tower lever positioning device.

ADSS Tension Clamp

ADSS Tension Clamp

ADSS Tension Clamp

ADSS Tension Clamp

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