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Overview of Dead End Clamp

Jun. 08, 2018

Dead End Clamp is used to tighten LV ABC without ACSR Conductor and contains a purpose to get LV ABC made from two to 4 conductors out of 10 to 50mm2 on the regions where it's technically defined. Its design offers simple, quick and reliable installation in most weather conditions. Dead End Clamp PA includes self-adjusting plastic sheeting which tighten two to 4 conductors of LV ABC without insulation harm. It's constructed from surface shielded steel, Poliamid 6.6 GF 30. Bolt M12 and self-blocking nut permit the clamp to be set up onto a U stirrup or shut bracket.

Dead-end Clevis pressure nozzle for stranded cable. U-bolts, with wave depressions within the body beneath every bolt, give a snubbing activity on the preformed cable fitting which ends in high pull-out strength.

Dead End Clamp

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