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Do You Know China Composite Insulator?

May. 17, 2018

In the early years, China Composite Insulators were mostly used for poles. With the development of science and technology, slowly developing at the end of high-voltage high-voltage wire connection towers, a lot of disk-shaped insulators were hung, which is to increase the creepage distance, usually made of glass or ceramics. , it is called an insulator. Insulators play two basic roles in overhead power transmission lines, that is, to support wires and prevent current from flowing back to the ground. These two effects must be ensured. Insulators should not fail due to various electromechanical stresses caused by changes in the environment and electrical load conditions. Otherwise, the insulator will not have a significant effect and will impair the use and operating life of the entire line.

The advantages of China composite insulators are small size, easy maintenance, light weight, easy installation, high mechanical strength, no breakage, excellent anti-seismic performance, good stain resistance, fast production cycle, and high quality stability.

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China Composite Insulators

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