Techinical knowledge


How do you choose a double suspension clamp

Double suspension clamp Used toADSS The cable is suspended at a corner or elevation angle25°— 60° on the tower. Clip can be reducedSmall static stress on the […]

OPGW Fiber Guy Grip Tension Clamp

Function: This OPGW Fiber Guy Grip Tension Clamp is used for the link between the OPGW cable line and the tower. The aluminum-clad steel pre-twisted wire […]

Comprehensive Analysis of Electric Cable

The boost in Electric Cable is by way of a trace of those components like iron, aluminum, zinc, and following processing of metal materials, significantly enhanced the bending […]

What Is The Difference Between Ordinary Cable And Aluminum Alloy Cable?

1.Aluminum Electric Cable, that will be AA – 8000 series Aluminum Alloy Conductor, USES unique compression technology and annealing treatment, and string armoring procedure advanced technology creation […]

Overhead Line Fittings Testing

Preformed Overhead Line Fittings Products prides itself upon its own in-house, NATA accredited test lab, for the mechanical testing of overhead electricity line fittings. We regularly updates and […]

ACSR Cable Conducting Properties

In three phase electrical power distribution, ACSR Conductors must be designed to have low electrical impedance in order to assure that the power lost in the distribution of […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of ADSS Cable

Considering that the pressure from the aluminum strands is generally reduced, the ACSR Conductor‘s self-damping of Aeolian vibration is high and it might be set up at […]

Preformed Armor Rods

The Preformed Armor Rods are utilized to maintain the conductor in the vibration, cable compressivestress, friction and abrasion, electrical arc and other harms, and are set up in […]

33kv Line Cross Arm Used in Transmission Lines

I believe you’re discussing the spacers in such as twin feeder kind transmission lines. The impedance of a transmission line is dependent on a range of […]