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Lead End / Nylon End / Galvanized Stell / Insulator Pin


11 Kv Insulator Pin

The Forge Low Voltage Insulator Steel Pin Are Forged in one piece from basic open hearth steel and provided with a square wrenching shoulder. These pins have a 1 inch ANSI standard cast lead thread and comes complete with a 2*2*1/8 square washer, square nut, and MF lock nut.

Type:Z type spindle pin insulator
material:steel,carbon steel,mild steel
the process:forging,punching,threading,lahte,milling,stamping
export to:all over the world
surface processing:hot-dip galvanized ,zinc plating
quality certificate:ISO9001:2008
packaging:1.bags.2.pallet.3.wooden boxes.4.as your like
application:used for the insulator
reputation for:high quality and delivery on time

Insulator Pin

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