Immobility Clamp


Immobility Clamp for Tower

1. Description of Immobility Clamp for Tower The fastening clamp could fix or connect different clamps on the steel tower or power. It has pole type and […]

Immobility Clamp for Pole

1.Description of Immobility Clamp for Pole For attaching secondary racks to tubular metal poles.Bands are equipped with 5/8”*2”carriage bolts for attaching the racks,and 1/2”*1 5/8” oval […]

ADSS Cable Pole Clamp

1. Description of ADSS Cable Pole Clamp Pole fastening clamp *20 Years Professional Experiences *ISO9001:2008 *Direct Manufacturer *Fastest Delivery 2, Specification of ADSS Cable Pole Clamp Name Model tower […]