Suspension Clamp


Preformed Fiber Optical Cable Suspension Clamp,ADSS/ OPGW Electric Power Fittings

Suspension clamps are used to hang conductor or ground wire through insulators link fitting to tower arms substations tructures-The clamps are made malleable iron or aluminium […]

CGH/XGU-type Suspension Clamp

The suspension clamp is primarily used to fix conductors to insulator string or hang lighting conductor s on straightline towers. Moveover, it also can be used […]

Suspension Clamp for 100MM ADSS Cable

Specification of Suspension Clamp for 100MM ADSS Cable TYPE TYPE Available Dia.of Cable(mm) Available Dia.of Span(mm) Tangent Clamp for ADSS ACQ100/1110 9-11.1 100 ACQ100/1330 11.2-13.2 100 ACQ100/1550 […]