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Down Lead Clamp for Tower


1,Product Description

The down lead clamp is used in rivet the fiber when jumping or down lead , and it was commonly installed every 1.5 to 2 meter each set.

2,Product Specification

ModelCable Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)Material
GT-Ⅰ-1330-DX9.0-13.30.53Stainless Steel/Rubber
GT-Ⅰ-1770-DX13.4-17.70.53Stainless Steel/Rubber
GT-Ⅱ-1330-DX9.0-13.30.60Stainless Steel/Rubber
GT-Ⅱ-1770-DX13.4-17.70.60Stainless Steel/Rubber
GT-Ⅲ-1330-DX9.0-13.30.67Stainless Steel/Rubber
GT-Ⅲ-1770-DX13.4-17.70.67Stainless Steel/Rubber

3,Packaging Details

Down Lead Clamp

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