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L-1245 Type Link Fitting Yoke Plate



1).Multiple chioce 

2).High-quality material 

3).Prompt delivery 

4).Simple and reliable structure

5).Reduce the static stress of fiber optic cable

6). Improve the ant-vibration ability of optical cable

7). Inhibite the dynamic stress of wind vibration

8).higher Safety performance 

Link fitting are used to link clamps to insulator,or to link insulator and ground wire clamp to tower arms or subjection structure.link fitting have special type and common type in accordance with mounting condition.The special type includes the ball-eye and an socket clevis linking with insulator.The common type is usually pin connected type.They have different grades in according to the load and are exchangeable for the same grade. The meanings of letter &Arabic figures in the catalog are shownas follow.Q-ball eye P-plane parallel W-socket clevis  S-double U-Utype L-yoke plate,tension rod thomb 2-900 angle  Y-extension B-plate F-square J-strengthen,grading ring T-adjustmentable.Dimerisions of ball and socket for the special type are in accordance with"dimension of balland socket coupling of string insulator unitst-IEC-120 and "Dimension of hanging insulator units forhigh ovltage transminssion line"GB4056-83.

L-1245 Type Link Fitting Yoke Plate

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