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High Tension Long Rod Croos-arm Insulator Composite


Product Description

This kind of product is applied to urban net technical reconstruction; it can effectively boost power transmission using urban narrow corridor areas, lower tower height, save many pecuniary resources and materials. Because of the high bending strength, it can avoid the porcelain cross-arm having continuous fracture accidents easily, with good anti-pollution, and the products of porcelain cross-arm cannot be instead of it.


Here are some relevant data of our products:

TypeRated voltage
Rated bending
failing load
Center distance of line groove
and mounting hole
Arcing distanceCreepage distance
Full wave lighting impulse
withstand voltage
Wet power frequency
withstand voltage
Line groove sizemounting sizeStable hole diameterCenter distance of
mounting hole and stable hole
FS-10/2.5102.5400315460165651118    176.540
FS-10/5105400300610165651422    581140
FS-35/535562052010802901301422    581140
FS-110/511051150103032005803301422    661140
FS-220/5220522152050630010003951422    821135

High Voltage Composite Cross-arm Insulator

1. Shed connected with core by integral foring

2. The thinkness of housing > 3mm,unifirm to IEC Standard

3. Acid resistant,hight temperature resistant of epoxy fiberglass core

4. Metal end fittings,core and sheds connected by new crimping process

5. Hot galvanization and technology of rareearth aluminum coating to avoid coating shedding prolonging the service life

High Voltage Composite Cross-arm Insulator


1. Silicon rubber, composite polymer

2. Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod

3. Hot-dip galvanized steel


Tips: Since we (TCI) have many different models and types,providing exact model or detailed technical specification in your inquiry will largely help us finding your a better solution within less time and reducing your communication cost.

This product is applicable to the technical reform of city network,which can effectively use narrow corridor

area of city to boost power transmission,can reduce the height of tower,save lots of financial and material

resources.Because of its high bending strength,it can prevent fracture accidents which easily happen in

porcelain cross arm insulator,and it has good pollution resistance,porcelain cross arm can not be replaced.

Product characteristics

1.No flaw,crack in the surface and interior,each bar color uniform(green or light yellow).

2.Can withstand the sawing,milling,planning,drilling,lathe and other mechanical processing.

3.Internal thread can be tapping with screw tap,external thread can be polished,but not allowed to bear overload.

4.It has good damping,creep resistance,fatigue resistance,fracture resistance ,high temperature resistance,stress corrosion resistance etc.

Testing Equipment

High Voltage Composite Cross-arm Insulator

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