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UT Type Clamp


1,Product Description

* Strain clamps fix conductors and ground wires through insulators or link fittngs to tower arms or substation structures. 

* According to the aluminum alloy strain clamps construction and mounting way, the  aluminum alloy strain clamps include two types: compression type and bolt type.

* The Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamps (Compression Type ) include Hydraulic and explosive type.

* As the Bolt Type Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamps are used to AAC and ACSR, the conductor mayto wound by aluminum tapes or preformed armour rods for protecing these taps or rods are

included in the diameter of suitable conductor.


Structure Feature

* The body is made of high-strength aluminium alloy

* Smooth surface long servile life

* Easy installation

* No waste electric energy


Insulation Cover Performance Feature

* Withstand voltage: ≥18kV keep voltage one minute not break down

* Insulation resistance: >1.0×1014Ω

* Environments temperature: -30℃-90℃

* Weather proof performance: have good performanced after 1008 hours artifical climate aging test.

2,Product Specification

Item No.Steel wireDimension(mm)Ultimate Strength(KN)Weitht


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