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CGH/XGU-type Suspension Clamp


Products Describtion 

The suspension clamp is primarily used to fix conductors to insulator string or hang lighting conductor s on straightline towers. Moveover, it also can be used for transposition towers to support transposition conductors and tension towers or angle poles to fix the jumper wires.

According to the relative position between the center of gyration axle and the axis of conductor , suspension clamps can be divided into trunnion type, hang-down type and carried-up type.

Based on the requirement for girp strength of suspension clamp to conductor, the suspension clamp can be divided into three types: fix type, slip(releasing) type and limited girp strength type.

Generally, malleable cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy are used as it's materials.

All the ferrous parts should be hot-dip galvanized.

2,Product Specification and Drawings 

CGH/XGU-type Suspension Clamp

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