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dead end clmap for ADSS and OPGW cable


Dead end clamp for ADSS AND OPGW CABLE

1,Product Description

Guy Grip clamp preformed wire legs twisted and the formation of air traffic control, rear for the preformed cutter ring.The formation of preformed wire legs wrapped in air traffic control when the Guy  line can produce a strong grip strength, and to fix the twisted ring anchor or tower on the ground..

1.ADSS preformed tension clamp is used for cable route's fixing & anchor shackling. 
2.Installed on the terminal tower, tight tension tower and intersection angle tower etc.tension cable clamp 
3. Compared with the traditional fittings with uniform force, no stress concentration and good vibration performance. 
4. Perfect corrosion resistance: because the material is HOt dip galvanized steel wire or Aluminium clad steel.
5. Easy installation: One man does not need any special tools to complete the installation. tension cable clamp

2. Drawings


3,Product Specification

In general , the medium span strain clamp is used in he line with internal span of 200-400m; the big strain clamp is used in the line with span over 400m.


4.Package details

 Packing: Generally packed in standard wooden case and pallets if needed, or as customized;



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