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Stranded Stainless Steel Tube Opgw Optical Cable-OPGW


24 cores- Stranded Stainless Steel Tube Opgw Optical Cable-OPGW 


It is widely used in aerial electricity transmission,overhead ground conductor, extra high voltage overhead conductor, optical fiber composite overhead ground line and self-danping conductor line,etc


ASTM B416-98, AS1222, IEC61089


Aluminium clad stainless steel tube OPGW is a kind of new optical cable which inherits all the advantages of stainless steel tube OPGW, it can greatly reduces the electrochemical corrosion among different metals and has good application prospects. The characteristics are as follows:

Product Specifications:

5-High Strength OPGW Fiber Optical Cable (Two Strand Layer)

Cable modelOPGW-60OPGW-70OPGW-90OPGW-110OPGW-130
Number /diameter(mm) of stainless steel tube1/3.52/2.42/2.62/2.81/3.0
Number /diameter of AL wire(mm)0/3.512/2.412/2.612/2.812/3.0
Number /diameter of ACS wire(mm)6/3.55/2.45/2.65/2.86/3.0
Diameter of Cable (mm)10.512.
Cable weight (kg/km)415320374432527
DC resistance(200C W/km)1.360.5240.4480.3860.327
Modulus of elasticity(Gpa)
coefficient of Linear thermal expansion(1/℃×10-6)12.617.817.817.817.2
Short circuit capacity (kA²s)24.057.378.9105.8150.4
Max. operation temperature (℃)200200200200200
Max. fiber count4832485230

3.Packaging Details:

Inner packed in fumigated wooden drum, and outer covered by polyethelene sheet,then  sealed by  strong wooden battens;or any other package u see from the market we can make for u as well,any OEM order is welcome,or according to the quantity.


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