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Immobility Clamp for Tower


1,Product description

The fastening clamp could fix or connect different clamps on the steel tower or power. It has pole type and tower type according to the lines characteristics. The tower type is metal splint, it fixes different clamps on the iron town without damage of iron tower strength.

* Name :   hot dip galvanized steel immobility calmp for tower

* Material:  hot dip galvanized steel

* Certificate:Iso9001

* Application : used for fixing the cable fitting

* Hot dip galvanized steel immobility clamp easy to install

* High strength

* We have many years experience

2,Product Specification

Product NameModelSuitable RangeWeight
MaterialFailing Load(KN)
Straight SplintTGZ 080 070≤80mm3.1Galvanized steel70
TGZ 100 07081~100 mm3.4Galvanized steel70
TGZ 125 070101~125 mm3.7Galvanized steel70
TGZ 145 070126~145 mm4.0Galvanized steel70
TGZ 165 070146~165 mm4.4Galvanized steel70
TGZ 200 070166~200 mm4.9Galvanized steel70
Tension SplintTGZ 080 100≤80mm2.8Galvanized steel70
TGZ 100 10081~100 mm3.1Galvanized steel70
TGZ 125 100101~125 mm3.5Galvanized steel70
TGZ 145 100126~145 mm3.8Galvanized steel70
TGZ 165 100146~165 mm4.5Galvanized steel70
TGZ 200 100166~200 mm5.0Galvanized steel70

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