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Pole top make offs


Pole top make offs

1.Product Description 

The pole top make off is made of 5Xdia4.0mm hot dip galvanized steel wire

Suitable stay wire: 7X4.0mm with tensile load 61.6KN

The min.slip strength is not less than 95%X61.6Kn of the stay wir 7X4.0mm

Lay direction: right



 3.Product Specification

Advantage and detailed description.

(1) Special material for superior quality and longevity.

(2) Phosphating surface finish for environmental protection, rust protection. 

(3) We are the professional manufactures of the products have been gotten an honor in domestic and foreign. We will try our best to meet your need.

(4) Different kinds of electric power fittings are produced and sold with high quality and competitive.

(5) All the products are national standard, and also can be made with your design.

(6)  Attractive appearance, easy installation, reasonable price

4.Packaging details

Packaging: Pole top make offs according to the concrete product cartons,wooden cases (as customer's requirements)   

Delivery: It will take about two weeks for the order of 1000sets for production




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