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Helical Dead End Clamps for OPGW Cable


1.Application and product description 

Tension set for OPGW is used to connect cable and tension pole or tower for OPGW,and it's helpful to protect cable and reduce vibration.With special design of clamp,it will not produce stress concentration which damage OPGW cable,and clamp grip strength is not less than 95% of the rated tensile strength, keep the cable properly.



Hot galvanized steel,U-7,U-10,U-12,and failure load is 70kN,100kN and 120kN.


Tension rod:

Hot galvanized steel precision,and failure load is 70kN,100kN and 120kN.


Heart-shaped ring tension:

Hot galvanized steel precision, and failure load is 70kN,100kN and 120kN.


Preformed armour rods:

Galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel wire, wall stick with emery, increase friction and reduce the pressure on the cable side, and was prefabricated into several sub-beams to prevent installation errors and to facilitate rapid installation.


Preformed tension rods:

Galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel wire, when pre-processing into a bunch, sticking with a solid diamond wall to reduce lateral pressure on the cable under the conditions of increased Clamp grip. Tu preformed wire color-coded tags, to avoid installation errors, for quick installation.

2.Product Specification 

TypeLength of structural Reinforcing Rods (mm)Length of middle rods(mm)Length of outer rods (mm)Ref.Weight (kg)Devastating strength (kn)

3. Packing and shipping

Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product cartons,wooden cases (as customer's requirements)

Delivery:usually,it will take about two weeks for the order of 100000sets for production

4.Our service 

Samples service:

We can supply samples for free

Customzation service:

If you send to us the bad products  photos,we will send to you the new and the good products freely,and we can supply customzation production service according to your drawings.

After-sales service:

Honesty is our tenet, We take our heat to deal with every order and use our action again your trust ,hoping that we can set up a long –term and steady-going business relationship with you ,we are fully committed to provide you high products,promotes delivery and professional service

customer evaluation:

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